Heritage Prairie Farm’s Business Is Growing Organically

A Kane County initiative designed to stimulate the supply and demand for locally grown food, advancing health, sustainability and economic development is bearing fruit — literally as well as figuratively.

Kane County’s Heritage Prairie Farm announced on its website home page this week that it’s now 100 percent USDA Certified Organic.

That’s a big deal for the farm located at the southwest corner of IL Route 38 and Brundige Road in Elburn—and it’s very good news for the residents of Kane County, who can enjoy the delicious proceeds of its success.

Heritage Prairie Farm produces raw honey, meats, eggs, fresh produce and micro greens. The farm’s products are sold at their on-site Heritage Prairie Market Store, through their Community Supported Agriculture program and at multiple local restaurants and grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market, Potash Market and Blue Goose Market.

Heritage Prairie Farm also offers certified organic produce on its pizza menu. That’s right, the farm serves wood-fired pizza every Wednesday night — June through September — and once a month at Farm Dinners. The organic produce is also offered at weddings, as the Heritage Prairie Farm hosts weddings on the scenic farm.

The farm is a model example for Kane County’s Growing for Kane program. It offers a spectacular wedding venue, it’s hosting special events, adding staff and creating jobs and creating “a successful business model in sustainable, small-scale farming.”

“We are proud to sell directly to our customers at the farm and at farmers’ markets, as well as throughout the region at Whole Foods Markets and other great stores,” the owners say on the “About Us” page of their website. “We are honored that our farm provides careers for those dedicated to sustainable agriculture and good business practices.

If you are interested in starting a local farming business or simply learning more about this innovative initiative, click here or contact Janice Hill at hilljanice@co.kane.il.us or 630-232-3483.



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