Signs Are Up on Randall Road Signaling Historic Lincoln Highway

Lincoln Highway Sign No. 2 Lincoln Highway signs

When we last met Ask Mr./Ms. Kane County Person, we had left Randall Road in the clutches of a markerless stretch that gave no warning of the upcoming approach of the infamous Route 38, aka Lincoln Highway.

But thanks to the keen eye and quick-typing fingers of alert reader Lyle Rolfe, our heroes —  Carl Schoedel, Ray Johnson and the band of merry men and women from the Kane County Division of Transportation — were brought into our “mellow drama,” and that situation has been remedied, the signs posted, justice and balance restored to the universe.

As you’ll recall, Lyle asked why there were no signs from either direction on Randall Road announcing “the IL Route 38 crossing, which also happens to be the historic Lincoln Highway.”

Schoedel, the daring and resourceful masked rider who heads the Division of Transportation, “contacted our traffic engineering section, and they are working with our sign shop to draw up a work order to install these signs along Randall in advance of IL Route 38.” He also said “they should be up in a matter of weeks.”

They are, indeed, up now. And the photos here show what they look like.


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