Post Your Summertime Events on Kane County Connects

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Sorry for the pun, but events really do heat up during the summer months, and we want to do our best to help Kane County’s 520,000 residents know about the fun stuff that’s happening, sometimes literally in your own back yard.

Quick confession: I’m not great at keeping track of events. Ask my wife, if you have any doubts. Or my boss. That’s why I’m always the guy who shows up five minutes late to the meeting.

So, if Kane County Connects is going to be a service in the “fun planning” department, I need your help.

If you’re the organizer of an upcoming event — and frankly, if the event is likely to draw a big number of people from the four corners of the world — please let us know about it.

In the near future, we’re hoping to make it possible to for you to simply plug your event straight onto our WordPress page. We’re looking at E-Z ways to do that, so please keep an eye out for a future “how-to” article.

But in the meantime, maybe the easiest and best thing is simply to email me a press release and photo. I’ll copy and paste into an article and cross-promote in our newsletter and social media. Yes, I know, you’re already drawing people from the four corners of the Earth, but a little extra publicity never hurts.

One quick proviso.

We (meaning I) can’t publish every garage sale or graduation party, but we (I) can fly the flag when your community’s big festival is coming up, or that rising-star alternative band is coming to Fifth Third Bank Ballpark (something I might not be aware of because I’m, you know, old) or if it’s time for the Kane County Fair (although that one I usually remember, because it’s around my birthday).

“Kane County Connects” isn’t just our name, it’s our mission. So help us out, would you?

My email address is I do have a Kane County email address as well, but I don’t visit that one as often, so use that first one, please. Cell is 630-915-3747.



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