Ask Mark: Can You Tell Me When 2014 Tax Assessments Will Come Out?

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  • Mark D. Armstrong, CIAO, Kane County’s supervisor of assessments since 2006, has nearly 30 years of experience in property valuation. Click here for more about Mark. To Ask Mark a question, email it to or mail it to: Mark at 719 South Batavia Avenue, Geneva, IL 60134.


This week’s timely “Ask Mark” question was sent in by an alert reader from St. Charles Township:

Q: Can you tell me please when 2014 tax assessments will come out?

A: Mark says …

Each year, Kane County’s 16 township assessors will develop assessments and certify them to my office; the schedule for each township will vary depending upon the certification date and the size of the township. You can always check the progress at

Afterward, my office reviews all changes, completes a sales-ratio study of the township, and develops a township-wide equalization factor. When that process is completed, I will:

  • Publish the statutory notice  in a local newspaper (in this instance, it will be the Kane County Chronicle); by state law, this is the primary means of notifying taxpayers of the 30-day period in which the taxpayer can file an assessment complaint with the Board of Review; and
  • Send an additional written notice to taxpayers of record of any property with a change other than a township-wide equalization factor; again, this process is prescribed by statute.

If you are interested in receiving an e-mail notification when this takes place, I encourage you to visit, select the “Subscribe” link, and enter your e-mail address; I e-mail additional notices whenever a Township is published.


To read more “Ask Mark” Q&A’s, visit this page on the Kane County Supervisor of Assessment’s website.



2 responses to “Ask Mark: Can You Tell Me When 2014 Tax Assessments Will Come Out?

  1. If the value of my deteriorating house and grounds is assessed upwards, which will increase my already exorbitant property tax ($7,265), then I will NEVER be able to make necessary repairs and improvements, which will prevent me from getting a fair price for the property, which buyers won’t even want to begin with, because of the horrifyingly high and unfair property tax!


    Early-retired (laid-off and unemployable) widow with medical problems and son in college


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