6 Best Practices for Radon Safety at Child Care Centers


The Kane County Healthy Places Coalition has created the following tool kit to make it easy for child care centers and homes to encourage parents to test their homes. The Child Care Radon Testing Photo Journal Tool Kit provides a quick guide to the various action items that child care centers and homes can choose from the tool kit to promote radon awareness among parents.

CLICK HERE for a pdf of the following Radon Testing Photo Journal Tool Kit


6 Steps for Child Care Providers:

1. Complete a radon test.
At the time of child care license renewal, arrange for your center/home to complete a radon test and display the results for parents to view in accordance with Illinois Statute.

2. Give radon letter to parents.
The parent letter explains the dangers of radon and how parents can protect both themselves and their child.   The parent letter can be found HERE in both English and Spanish.

3. Involve the kids.
A coloring sheet is a great way to involve kids and facilitate additional parent knowledge of radon.
The Kane County Healthy Places Coalition has provided these coloring sheets in both English and Spanish.   Click HERE to download and print them.

4. Give information on radon test kits.
The flyers have additional information on radon and radon testing.   Click HERE for the flyers in both English and Spanish.
If income eligible, parents may be able to receive free radon test kits through Community Contacts or Joseph Corporation.

5. Follow-up survey.
Consider doing a follow-up survey with parents to see if they have tested their homes for radon. Conduct the survey six to twelve months after the radon awareness promotion program.  Click HERE for the survey questions in both English and Spanish.

6. Radon awareness promotion for parents.
This could be done by requesting a presentation through Kane County Health Department’s Radon Speakers Bureau. Speakers can be requested HERE. To increase parent participation, consider offering a raffle prize.
SOURCE: Kane County Health Department website


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