What People Are Saying About the New Kane County Connects Newsletter

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Wow! The response to the new Kane County Connects newsletter, which we launched Monday, has been amazing and heartening. I’m so grateful for your kind comments and feedback, and I can’t wait to make the next improvements and continue our efforts to make Kane County the most transparent, engaging and communicative unit of government in Illinois.

You folks are awesome.

Please invite a friend to sign up by clicking this link. Here’s a shortlink, if you want to copy/paste and email a friend:


Folks also can sign up by visiting the Kane County home page and clicking on the “sign up for our email newsletter” link next to Chairman Chris Lauzen’s head-and-shoulder shot.

To get breaking news and up-to-the-minute Kane County information, please visit the new Kane County Connects web page — which, of course, is what you’re reading now.

Here are some, but not near all, of the positive comments we’ve received the first three days:

* * *

I received the first issue of CONNECTS and wanted you and any staff who made any contribution to know the that the graphics and content are outstanding.
Everything about it says …..service and information.
Well done.
Jim Darow
Sun City/ Rutland Township 
* * *

Thanks for your informative email newsletter!

Was looking for information on when tax bills will be sent, do you have any updates or information?

Terri Jacobsen, MS, RN, FHIMSS

* * *

Love the newsletter! Great idea for improving communication. Keep it up!
Mike Rich
Sent from my iPad

* * *

The newsletter is great!
Mike Ochsenschlager

* * *
Love it! Thanks for putting this together. It’s so having all the updated info from various departments. Great job!
Susan Morris
* * *
Glad to see you are back doing what you love to do.
Bob McQuillan
* * *

I do like the idea of a Newsletter to keep up with meetings and what is happening in the county.  I think it is very helpful!
Chuck Traugott

* * *

Very well done.  Major points of interest to the public. ie Road resurfacing projects.  This information would save the public monies due to the normal traffic delays which waste gas.
Norm Turner
* * *
Nice newsletter.   I appreciate the new format.  Your link to One-Stop Shop services is incorrect.  Could you send me the link?Thank you.
Bruce D. Strom
* * *
Other folks have emailed to say that we missed a link or have asked for certain coverage or had followup questions, which I’ve tried to direct to the proper Kane County departments and personnel.
Two readers so far have said that they might prefer a weekly newsletter rather than a daily report. I’m going to look into that as an option so that we can tailor the frequency to your needs and expectations.
That kind of quality feedback is essential to our efforts, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your emails.
I have to admit, it’s a little mind-boggling that the overwhelming majority of comments have been so kind. After working more than 30 years in west-suburban print and digital media, I can tell you, that sort of positive reinforcement is rare and valued. One sad truth of human nature is that we’re more likely to take action when we have a complaint than when we have a compliment to share.
But it’s also human nature to want to see someone succeed and to show appreciation and gratitude. That’s the best of who we are, and I hope those examples are found in the pages of newsletters to come.
Rick Nagel
Community Outreach Coordinator

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